My name is Maria Rosaire, Im 25 years old and I live in Tucson, Arizona. In 2011, I began having problems with my teeth, I thought it was gum disease because of the inflamation , I have had no pain but the infamation become worst and I could feel how one of my tooth was loose. I decide to go with my first dentist, he diagnosed an infection and gave me antibiotics for 8 days , he made an appointment for a root canal treatment . I visited him for a second time and he notice that my gum inflamation was exclatly the same, he prescribe more antibiotic and I return for my third appointment, during this examination he observed a tumor in my gum and he referred me to a Periodontics, Dr. José Luis Espinoza.

Dr. Espinoza evaluate my case and he become very worry since the begggining, at my fisrt appointment he did an incision biopsy to open my tumor and discover what was in there, he told me it looked like bad tumor, he did the molar extraction and send the biopsy to a local pathologist.

After a few days the lab results were satisfactory to me, but not for Dr. Espinoza he wasn’t pleased with the result, he discussed his doubts with the pathologist and they decide to send the biopsy with other colleagues in Hermosillo, Sonora, all of them were agreed with the results.

Dr. Espinoza keeps his doubts regarding the results and he decide to ask the pathologist to send the biopsy to USA. The biopsy was sent to one the most important hospital in the USA, MD Anderson Cáncer Medical Center, after a few days I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Mandibular- Dr. Espinoza was right it was Cancer.

I had a tumor removal surgery and a few days later I had a block mandibular resection surgery, they remove ten teeth and I received an autologus bone graft from my left foot bone. In 2012 I began chemotherapy and I ended succesfully in July 2012. Now, Im waiting for my teeth reconstruction to be done.

I would like to thank God, family, friends, nurses and doctors, there were very important to me. keeping them by my side save my life.


Dr. Jose Luis Espinoza - Dr. Salvador - Dr. Krammer - Dr. Emmamidel - Dr. Gernon - Dr. Lisa Koop

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