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MEX 011 52 (631)312.7710

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Monday to Friday:

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Please choose a 24/7 parking lot

We have our own
Dental Lab

Welcome to DentalPeriogroup!!

It’s very important for us to give you the proper welcome to our dental clinic. That’s why we want to say THANK YOU for choosing us.

We know it’s difficult to choose a good dentist, along with the fear we have about an appointment with our #1 enemy, and we would like to change that for you.

At Dentalperiogroup, we want you to feel comfortable and secure. Our duty is to take care of you through the professional knowledge and experience of our team.

We want to see your smile from the beginning to the end!!








Distinctive “M” is the recognition that the Ministry
of Tourism gives to companies that have implemented successful programs of modernization and
best practices to cater to tourism.

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